Be There, Will Be Wild!

Much in the same way Donald Trump set in motion the invasion of the Capitol, he is now exhorting what’s left of his rabid base to “protest” when he turns himself in on Tuesday:

Referring to himself in a Truth Social post, Trump wrote that “the far & away leading Republican candidate & former president of the United States of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week.” Trump then added: “Protest, take our nation back!”

Listen, MAGA. Your king has been checked and mated in a fork move between Georgia and New York. The time is here; Trump’s decades long string of criminal enterprises are about to cost him his freedom. Now of course, he’s still free to run, even if he is in jail- ask Eugene Debs, who got 13% of the vote from prison.

Everyone seems to be alarmed that riots may happen. They may, seeing as how riots happen (observe France and Greece), but in time, they dissipate, especially as the police escalate force against the protestors. I don’t suggest that any of you gun loons come loaded for bear on this one; the armed forces shoot back, and their guns and toys are…well, let’s just say the amount of force used against you would be uh, disproportionate. Many are War on Terror vets in a bad mood; others are brand new recruits that can’t wait to get in the shit and break something.

Listen up, gun nuts and “protestors”, and listen real good; Trump thinks you are shit on his shoe. Posse Comitatus be damned; it’s not domestic policy to arrest a suspected felon whether or not he was the President or your high school janitor. This is one riot, or many, that you might want to sit out.

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