It’s Not Just Any Day That A Politician Gets Indicted For War Crimes

I have done my level best to not comment much on the Russo-Ukrainian war. But, for what it is worth, there’s a warrant out for Putin’s arrest.

I know that every good Americans’ hearts are with the Ukrainian people. Yet, as in every major conflict, war crimes get committed on both sides. If you can’t follow the laws of war, then your country’s leader should stand trial as well. When it comes to artillery strikes, Russian projectiles have caused surprisingly few civilian deaths. Why would Russia need to waste them to push the battle lines forward and cause power, communication, and rail to malfunction?

But obviously, the dislocation of Ukrainian children is a really rotten old colonialist trick, and it smacks of concentration. But it depends; we don’t know how many of these Ukrainian children speak and think in Russian. Donetsk and Luhansk and the Crimea are gone, gone gone. The only thing left to do is to plow into the Ukrainian interior, landlock it and that will hopefully be the price paid for NATO incursion into Russia’s sphere of influence.

I just don’t know. Is there a devil waiting in the wings for Putin’s demise? That’s a question we ought to be asking, since Putin’s door is open for negotiations. He keeps getting loans to fight, so the US ought to get kind of real about Ukrainian chances because their soldiers are being decimated, and of course our military spending is completely out of control. Maybe we need to deal with domestic disasters before we go propping up NATO, which of course is partly our fault, and…maybe we should pay for our adventurism. We are, after all, beatable.

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