Take Responsibility For Your Religion

I’ve had about enough of religious people trying to take atheism to task because we don’t have any patience with their bullshit beliefs. What’s written is written; and when we point out to your what your religion really preaches you want to get huffy and say we’re not tolerant of your beliefs. You are correct. We are not. And if you are a non-asshole religious person, that’s great-but know that your religion is rooted in discrimination, war, death-worship and superstition and I don’t think a few reasonable words in an otherwise dangerously antedated book is going to excuse your belief from criticism. You can read the Bible or the Koran all sorts of ways and say that there is beautiful stuff in it, but hey, I bet Hitler loved his dog and his mom. You can get as much beauty and revelation from any other source than from any holy book that I could bother to name. There is more beauty in a rolling, rippling river than there is in any Bible verse.

Atheism does not need reform. It does not need a values check. It is hardly even what you would call a movement. It’s a state of mind. It’s a way of appreciating the world around us. It is filled with wonder about our existence, the good kind of wonder that brings forth awe. It has never refused to bake a cake, it has never refused medical treatment to a child because she doesn’t wish to pledge to God and the Republic. It has never condemned anyone to an everlasting hell. It has never caused anyone to wish death on 5% of the population. It has never started a war. It’s far too disorganized for that. I’m at a loss to name one instance where atheism has caused someone to believe something that is deleterious to one’s own kind.

I don’t think much of the idea that there is a type of “militant” atheism. Perhaps you think that this little entry is a good example of it. Blow me. I don’t have to put up with you nor you me. It’s not atheism that needs to stand trial for fucking anything. On the other hand, you could indict religion for a host of ills foisted on humankind. It’s YOU that feels the need to tell everyone else how to live. It’s YOU that thinks they have it all figured out in your little book. We atheists make no such claims or presumptions and never will.

Have your pet personal beliefs. I couldn’t give a shit. But don’t tell me I’m the one that needs to learn how to act. Go fix the attitudes of those within your circles and then get back to me. I’ll gladly bridge the gap between you and I when you are good and ready. I think if you are the least bit reasonable, you could understand why atheists tire of religion. Show us another way to be a believer, and we will show you how we coexist too.

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