Cain In Vain

Finally, we get to watch the plug pulled on Herman Cain, but Black Walnut isn’t going down without a yelp for help:

“In a couple of instances … I misspoke because of the pace of the interview. I don’t call it a flip-flop. I’d rather come back and explain to people what I really meant,” Cain said Friday after an economic speech in Detroit. “It doesn’t send mixed messages. It just shows that I’m willing to correct myself … if in fact I need to correct myself for clarity. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.”

Herb, you don’t even get to flip-flop status when you just say whatever crazy shit comes into your head. You don’t even get to say you have sent mixed messages when you have come off like a joker, some clown prince of stupid that is immune to scrutiny. I think we have reached, finally, the peak of Cain as a contender, going the way of Bachmann eventually. I just have to wait for his staff to start quitting and then I’ll know we have rid ourselves of this looney toon that actually wants to run my country. It looks like Romney is the man, for better or for worse to the conservatives. He is more than willing to say whatever he needs to say, runs a tight game, and has billions in his coffers to make it happen. Fair enough, Mitt. You vs. Obama. I still think this next election is going to be a slaughter, with little chunks of Mitt in Obama’s teeth, but we just have to wait and wait again so we can watch the real carnage start.

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